Friday, August 29, 1997
6:32 PM

Not much going on
Brain is dull
Just want to sleep all day
And have been doing such
Seen all the good films
Bars hold no interest
No place to go
So I sit home

What to do?

Listen to CDs for the umpteenth time
Music can get boring so quickly
I'm being manic
Think it's time to write
Surrealist painting in verse

Lizards wake
Push through the shrubs
Search the sun
Dirt below, sky above
Hide from threat
Scurry about in a world hidden to human mind
To small to conceive
To vast to understand
Life is simple
One mission

Cats sit is open window
Captivated by this journeyman
Dreaming of ending his travels
Their visions filled with color floods
Never living outside
The reptile is a space traveler
Tasting air they never breathe
Sleeping on ground they never touch
All this has no meaning
They only desire the hunt
Primal reflections
Ears perk to the sound of nature on television
Human cameras capture the wild
Struggle for life and death half a world away

Hairless apes fumble about through a lazy afternoon
Unfeeling of the actions around them
Make dinner
With no pause to observe the simplicity
Eat, relax, and sleep