Thursday, August 28, 1997
3:02 AM


The past always comes back to haunt
Emotions always confuse
It's enough to break a person
Justin knows
He showed us
He began to break
We feel for you Justin, any descent human being would
There will be more people in your life
There always are
But the past is easy
Even when they hurt you, betray you, ignore you
When they return it is easy to give in
To try and justify your actions to yourself
"I'm getting back at her"
"I don't feel anything for her"
Emotions make liars of us all
I must admit
They do fade with time
Not much can recover that
So I move on

Jaida is lighting my fires for the golden dream
The move to the land of milk & honey seems closer
She wants it to happen
She is making it happen
We talk so much…
She writes about me
She reminds me of Sarah
For reasons that only we shall know
The city by the bay will be our home
I have only one piece of the puzzle to fill

Employment opportunity

Amazing things can happen when you least expect them
Such as getting mail from incredible artist
I used to collect comic books
An avid fan
But the appeal of the main stream hype began to wear off
A good story and good art rarely found in the same book
I looked to small press
One of the last answers to my search
Amongst the best I have ever seen
Was Terminal Drift
Created by C. Brent Ferguson, writer/artist
A brilliant story of a holy war in high tech hell
Symbolism runs rampant throughout
Mastery of black and white illustration
His understanding of the balance between detail and clutter is unmatched
Each page was a masterpiece
Terminal drift was a three part series
I found the first two
But never the last
That was 1992
Recently I found his name on a list of artists online
There was an email address
I could not resist
I told him of my admiration and my search for conclusion
He answered with thanks and a place to look
This week two packages arrived
One from him containing another trilogy he had done
The other from Neotek Iconography containing the third, prints, and posters
I only requested the final issue of Terminal Drift
The rest was all generosity
An amazing artist and a great person
His is a name to remember
His work is a treasure
Seek it for yourself
You will regret it if you do not