Friday, August 22, 1997
4:26 AM

Just woke up about an hour ago.  I actually went to be around 11 last night.  Don't know why.
It's good I guess.  It will let me ride my bike today.
I have not been able to all summer due to the heat.  Last time I went out I stopped sweating and almost passed out.

Wow I feel good right now.  My head is clear.  I feel focused.
If I'm lucky this will last all day.
Doubt it.

I dig Moby.  Everything is Wrong is such a sweet piece of work.
I have so many CDs now that I feel guilty if I don't listen to them.
Easy bout of guilt to give in to.

I have not really gotten to any point with these ramblings.
Maybe it's time?
So what is going on in the world?

A teacher is being treated as pure evil because she fell in love with a student.
People who do not know her are persecuting her as a horrendous criminal.
People are telling her that she does not now what love is.
That she is sick.
These same people say that a 14 year old boy can not know love.
That he has been raped.
They tell him that his life is ruined.
They tell everyone that he will never be able to have a "normal" relationship

Is the world blind?
Does nobody see the true criminals are these "experts"?
The one's willing to get paid to go on national television and persecute these people.
Yeah it was messed up.
So let them deal with it.

If any of the people I see on the news had talked to the people they condemn I would feel different
But they have not
They sit safe in their offices and tell the world to hate because they say so
Because they are experts

I feel sorry for the couple
For her because she was unable to wait five years to escape legal recourse,
Because I can see in interview that she is being brainwashed,
Because she will be told over and over that she is bad because she fell in love.
For him because he will never be allowed to trust his heart again,
Because he will always be treated as an emotional victim
Because all the experts refuse to see him as a human being
Because all the experts see him as only a pawn in their ego-centric games
For the child
Because she can not be raised by the two people that love her the most

In a world so full of hate
A world so full of children born to unloving parents
We must hate the ones who love outside our guidelines
Emotions must be defined in black and white
How can we trust a society that can not see beyond it's laws
A society that will not even consider the truth of the heart?