Thursday, August 21, 1997
2:25 AM

If there is any one lesson in life that I have been taught too many times it is that ignorance is bliss

I have been reminded of how bad it is to stay awake till the sun rises and sleep until four.  So what?  It's not your life!
The spacebar was not such a fun place tonight.  It spawned some poetry:

I have been a fool
Too consumed with my own ego to see the world around me
I met a kindred spirit
With no knowledge I made assumptions
I am ashamed of my actions
Often I have heard others say that they hate everyone
I used to say it
It is a lie
I care deeply for everyone
Myself most of all
It is my downfall
How can I in clear conscience accept that any other person should be a part of my dreams?
A part of my life
How selfish of me to assume that their lives have no outside concerns
That my happiness is theirs

I'm being manic.  I wish there were someplace to go dancing.  I wish Sarah was on this side of the planet.
Skinny Puppy are amazing.

I have been meaning to mention how much music means to me.  How essential it is to my survival.  Everything I do has a soundtrack.  Since everyone reading this has probably had at least one issue of Wired let me put a little twist on some McLuhan for you, for me the music is the message.
Want to know me?

Know my music!