Tuesday, August 19, 1997
6:27 AM

Been awake all night again
Feel like a shmuck because I have not worked on Silicon Dominion.
Instead I've been on spacebar.com and now hating.com chatting.
It's the 19th, which means Sarah should be back in Japan
Still have not posted issue 2 so she will not see her message….   I feel worse now

My desires for escape from this place have led me to two very interesting friendships online.  One with jaida the other with flow.  I talked about going to visit jaida, maybe even live with her.  Now tonight flow asked me to go to San Fran with him.  I must be losing my mind.  But it's kinda fun!

I want to live in SF so bad.  It's the heart of the digital world I so adore.  Can it become reality?

Well I'm getting pretty tired….   Think I will sleep now