Tuesday, August 12, 1997
5:35 AM

I've been planning this 2nd issue for a little over a week now.  What that means is about ten days ago I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep as the sun came up and began thinking about what I wanted to write.  It is the most difficult part of online publishing.  The content is what makes a site worthwhile.  Unlike graphics which I can BS my way though.

My first thought was of

Justin Hall.  It is Justin's Links that have really been an inspiration for me making sure there would be issues of Silicon Dominion past the first one.
I have become quite obsessed with his site.  Subsequently I have begun exploring all of the Cyberorganic culture.  What an incredible world they have.  To live in a place where almost everyone you meet is going to have similar interest to you.
I followed one of his links to a site by someone who used to live in Savannah, Georgia.  I went to college there so I wanted to see her spin on things.  To my surprise I stumbled across a familiar face.
I have learned a great deal about web publishing from perusing Justin's artwork.  The most crucial being paragraph structure.
Or lack thereof.
The first issue was just large blocks of text.  On screen those are just plain boring to read.  I did not even read them, which shows with my total lack of proofreading corrections.
I began to realize how personal the web could, and should be.

[Ugh the sun is coming up, birds are chirping]

Justin reminded me of something very important that I once learned but had forgotten.  A video professor in college told me once that you can only write about what you know, everything else is a lie, and it will show.  He was right.
There is nothing that I know better than my own life.
There is nothing Justin knows better than his.
That is why his train of thought prose, in fragmented verse, is so interesting.
I have followed link after link.
Gotten lost within justin.org
He has inspired the future of Silicon Dominion.
I hope I can do him proud.